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PlaC – Plateau Collaboratif is an architecture office founded by Andrea Alessio, Ilaria Ariolfo and Davide Barreri.

PlaC works as an open platform developing projects of urban and architectural regeneration on different scales. We think our work as the result of a collaborative process, combining a critical approach about the city-territory, construction and design with specific technical knowledges.

PlaC now is:

Andrea Alessio – architect founder

graduated at Politecnico of Turin in cooperation with TU Berlin (2009); work experience in Berlin and Paris with prof. Finn Geipel (LIN Architects Urbanists). Experienced designer in projects across different scale (licensed architect in Italy and Germany).

Ilaria Ariolfo – architect founder

graduated at Politecnico of Turin in cooperation with ETSAM Madrid (2009); ph.D. thesis Water In Glass (March 2014) about the use of water to improve the building envelope. Teaching assistant in different Design Unit at the Politecnico of Turin; skilled in sustainable technologies, in charge for the related research development at PlaC.

Davide Barreri – architect founder

graduated at Politecnico of Turin (2010); work experience in Turin at Cliostraat and Leapfactory, Seoul at MotoElastico, London at Hopkins Architects. Skilled in prefabricated design across different scales.

Hyemin Ro – interior / set designer

graduated at Dongduk Women’s University of Seoul, South Korea; work experiences with Uda in Turin, Italy and cooperated with MOTOelastico in Seoul as an interior designer, currently working as an interior and set designer based in Italy, her work encompasses interior design, photography and art.

Emanuele Protti – architect

graduated at the Politecnico of Turin and is an independent researcher. His research is focused on architectural theory and on the analysis of the role played by new industrializations on cities and human habits. After his studies in Barcelona and in Sao Paulo, he worked at Carlo Ratti Associati in Turin.

Salvatore Cicero – architect

graduated at Politecnico of Turin in 2015, with a one-year abroad experience at the Universidade de Brasilia (2014/2015) and a double degree specialization course at ASP (Alta Scuola Politecnica) in Turin and Milan. Currently working as an architect at PlaC.

Vito Sorino – architecture student

currently attending the Master of Architecture for sustainability at the Politecnico of Turin. He had a six-months abroad experience at Université de Liege (2013/2014) and worked on a participatory process in collaboration with the City Council and Politecnico of Turin for the urban requalification of Parri area.

PlaC has collaborated with:

Chiara Bertetti, Alessandro Bua, Giorgia Cattaneo, Marta Cammarere, Cristiana Catino, Giulia Ciccone, Desy Frezet, Francesco Iaquinto, Intelliglass, Ge Jiaqi, LeapFactory, LIN Architects Urbanists, Matteo Lucisano, Negozio Blu Architetti, MARC, Monica Merra, Valentino Pileggi, Emanuele Protti, Marco Rabaglino, Bianca Rabe, Hyemin Ro, Giuletta Roz Architecture, Romina Serrano, StudioErranteArchitetture, Studio Granma, Andrea Tomasi, Thomas Untersweg, Zeroundicipiù, Christina Zettl.

PlaC is always interested in collaborating with new individuals. If you you want to develop new ideas and projects or you are simply interested in expanding your network, please contact us at:

Currently we have no position open; if you are a talented student and you want to apply for an internship at our office, please send us your portfolio to:

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