Dimension: 160 sqm

Place:Turin, Italy

Year: 2013

Team: PlaC (Davide Barreri, Andrea Alessio, Ilaria Ariolfo) + Alessandro Bua

Type: Private

Status: Realised

Coworking Event Space in Turin

Pla(TO) is a multifunctional space for workshops, events and co-working.

The project aim was to refunctiunalize an old office space closed for several years and open it againg for the community. As for the russian constructivists the social condenser, Pla(TO) want to offer people the possibility and most import the space to develope their ideas and works.

First step was remove all the inbetween interventions that appened during time and to bring back the original maters of the space. We had the chance to re-discover old wooden floors and frescos under layers of moquetes and plasters . After freeing the existing we realized punctual interventions that make the space more flexible and free to use. With a low budjet for the realization, reuse, upcycle and modifications has been the focus of the project and chance of experimentation.

Visit the website and come visit us at Via Parma 29 in Turin!

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