Program: Housing

Dimension: 105 sqm

Place:Turin, Italy

Year: 2016

Team: PlaC – Davide Barreri, Andrea Alessio, Ilaria Ariolfo

Type: Private

Status: Under construction

Apartment renovation in Turin

PlaC has redesigned a flat in Turin in an historical building;  all the internal walls have been removed in order to make it less segregated and bring in more light. The project is based on a simplification of the layout of the 105-square-meters residence, aiming to create a better connection between the main entrance and the living room at the back, surrounded by the historical bow-window. Before the renovation, the apartment had a dark entrance and dark corridor giving access to a sequence of rooms. The client wanted to combine the living and one the bedroom; to achieve this, the project provides a big sliding door/wall which makes the space more flexible. The kitchen becomes a space of a social character linked to the living room extending its use beyond the mere act of cooking and eating.

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