Program: Theatre, conference, café

Dimension: 650 sqm

Place: Torino

Year: 2017


Architecture: PlaC

Structural engineering : INGeCO | Ing. Giorgio Tuninetti

Technical systems: MC2 Engineering | Ing. Caminiti, Ing. Comi

Photos: Andrea Macchia

Type: Private

Status: Realised

Café Müller

Our office constantly leads urban researches on abandoned areas of the metropolitan area of Turin, looking for architectural and social conditions where to apply regeneration processes; in 2016 we found an abandoned place, a former red light cinema located in an historical district near the main train station, which has slowly been subject to downgrading processes and urban decay. Our goal was to find a new subject, involved in cultural activities, to bring back this place to the citizens; the Foundation Cirko Vertigo, who was looking for a new place where leading courses and theatre shows for children and adults, decided to open here its new central location.
Thanks to a strong collaboration with the local community, who is fighting for a new life of the district, the place has been refurbished completely, reinforcing the regeneration process of the area. At the ground floor level in the atrium, a new cafeteria helps the arcade area to improve safety and control all day long; sometimes the show comes out from the theatre, invading the portico and the public space in front, and giving a new life to the neighbourhood. The Café Müller is now seen as the starting point of the regeneration process of the area.
Inside, the new layout allows a stronger relationship between the potential simultaneous activities in the parterre and the balcony.

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