Program:airport, office, laboratory, education, leasure, energy production, landscape


Place:Kaufbeuren, Germany

Year: 2013


PlaC (Andrea Alessio, Ilaria Ariolfo, Davide Barreri) + Alessandro Bua +Studioerrante architetture (Sarah Beccio, Paolo Borghino) + Andrea Tomasi

Type: Europan 12 Competition

Status: Honorable Mention

Air Sharing

Airports are no ordinary places; they usually represent urban disjunctions, limited by clearly defined no-go areas that transform airports into extraordinary non-places.

Given the chance to rethink the future of Kaufbeuren through the potentialities of its airport, we envision a long-term strategy of sustainable development based on the ability to bring together different economic and social actors. As a part of larger regional context characterized by a high density of similar infrastructure, Air sharing will profit of the cooperation with other bases to develop a new sustainable aviation mobility.

The runway and its surroundings wont be exclusive spaces anymore; on the contrary they will become the chance to explore possible coexistences of functions and common facilities.

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