Program: Retail, culture

Dimension: 1500 sqm

Place: Foligno,Italy

Year: 2015

Team: PlaC (Davide Barreri, Andrea Alessio, Ilaria Ariolfo) + Giulia Ciccone, Marta Cammarere, Monica Merra

Type: Competition

Status: –

Pasticceria Muzzi

Called Antica Pasticceria Muzzi, the project focuses around the conversion of an industrial building, which was formerly used for making pastries, into the a new  mixed-use complex.

The team chose to incorporate and preserve the existing structures wherever possible in order to reduce the cost of the whole project.  The regeneration includes new uses and functions as a new brand shop located in the main building facing the street and the public space, offices, a cafeteria/restaurant in the magnificent brick-vaulted space, a new courtyard garden flanked by a new flexible  full-height room (used for exhibition, dance room, meeting, projection, lecture, ect…) and equipped with a telescopic grandstand, and  rooms/laboratory/start-up/workshops for young food artisans.

The main goal was to create the conditions for a familiar space, where people can meet/work/live/eat/enjoy free time, without losing the industrial qualities of the site; we always try to establish a relationship with the place to achieve the maximum results with a minimum of architecture. The did not change any facade, execpt the main one facing the street which takes to Foligno: the new main facade has been considered as a big display window.

According to an absence of pedestrian path, and considering the high-speed car circulation, we decided to increase the size of the openings in order to use the factory products as a tool of design. Every season the facade changes colours and design while the products change their position on the shelves.

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