Dimension: 35.000 sqm

Place:Helsinki, Finland

Year: 2013


PlaC (Andrea Alessio, Ilaria Ariolfo, Davide Barreri) +Alessandro Bua +Studioerrante architetture (Sarah Beccio, Paolo Borghino) +Andrea Tomasi

Type: Europan 12 Competition

Status: Honorable Mention

Institute without borders

Laakso Aurora is struggling for a new Institution: a prototypical urbanity of healthcare transcending the exclusive space of hospitality into inclusive spaces of physical and psychical reintegration. Therefore, we envision an overall update of the healthcare system of Laakso Aurora: from built enclaves to network of buildings and landscapes. In order for the Institutes Without Boundaries to be achieved four strategies have to take place:

– to eliminate existing physical boundaries and enhance pedestrian

– mobility, to redistribute existing hospital/oupatient care and managerial functions into four Institutes head­quarters

– to achieve a better north-south permeability of the space through the redefinition of street hierarchy according to four new underground parkings and the creation of slow vehicular service routes for residents, workers and patients families

– to conceive buildings as open platforms able to generate proximal processes, where the collective mix arises and patients are simple citizen actively involved in communal life through the regeneration of buildings and the temporary use of landscapes

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