Program: Exhibition

Dimension: 110 sqm

Place: Koln, Germany

Year: 2018


PlaC + Hyemin Ro

Type: Private

Status: Realized

Cantarutti / Orgatec, Köln

For the Cantarutti stall in Orgatec 2018, our design proposal aim to create a introverted space with two main entrances on the corners, which let the visitors to be focused on the dispalyed products. The surrounding “walls” define the space without making it totally closed; thanks to a wooden frame structure and a textile skin they allow people to see the chairs inside below and through themself. The pastel colours came from the brand new catalogue of the company. The lights inside are directed on the groups of chairs and on the hanging components (displayed to show the quality of the products and the different finishes available), and they create interesting shadows which transform the external wall into a screen to catch the eyes of the walking visitors.

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