Program: creative and cultural hub

Dimension: 4000 sqm

Place: Parma, Italy

Year: 2016


PlaC (A. Alessio, I. Ariolfo, D. Barreri)

ACC Cristiana Catino

AIEREE Engineering

4U Engineering


collaborators (E. Protti, S. Cicero, V. Sorino, M. Lagamba)

Type: Two phases competition

Status: First Prize

Workout Pasubio

The former Manzini factory will be reconverted in a creative business and cultural centre, with the aim of including diversified functions open to the neighbourhood and the city, in order to stimulate a renewed community life. Thanks to the public participation (managed by the association WOPA Temporary during the two previous years), locals have already been very involved with the project. Our proposal preserves the existing strutcures, reducing the demolition works wherever possible, in order to keep construction costs as low as possible. The inner spaces will be reorganized around four main architectural devices, which will add flexibility to the whole site, allowing different functions simultaneously. The tower above the main entrance will be the new landmark of the transformation, visually linking the buindings to its wider surroundings.

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