Program:production, commerce, housing, offices, landscape, urban agriculture

Dimension: –

Place: Pinerolo, Italy

Year: 2014

Team: PlaC (Davide Barreri, Andrea Alessio, Ilaria Ariolfo) + Alessandro Bua, Chiara Bertetti, Joseph Gianferrini

Type: Competition

Status: Second Prize

Re-Mix - Merlettificio Türck

REmix is a transversal strategy of urban regeneration for the industrial heritage, capable of creating flexible tools for transformation and (re)integration into the social fabric of disused parts of the city. REmix gives specifc solution to particular situations: in this context, the former Merlettificio Turck becomes the “pilot plan” able to test and refine the design choices that shape the strategy of REmix. The following can be considered as the alphabet of this new urban language:

RE (generation) – concrete scenarios of transformation, started by private capital and (de) generate in public investment (mixed) for parks, gardens, urban gardens and civic centers.

MIX -  the greatest possible number of types programmatic context (ex. Residential, productive)

SMART ECONOMY – right balance between craft enterprises, innovative and sustainable technologies for the production: the philosophy of upcycling combined with textile tradition is the idea of smart economy.

TOPOS – protect, enhance the natural features of the site, highlighting the key elements of the ecosystem.

REs PUBLICA – improve the collective dimension of urban regeneration and quality of shared spaces.

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