Program: Private Villa/House

Dimension: 120 sqm

Place: Porto Cervo, Italy

Year: 2016

Team: PlaC – Ilaria Ariolfo, Davide Barreri, Andrea Alessio +  ACC Naturale Architettura arch. Cristiana Catino

Type: Private

Status: Realized

Private Villa in Portocervo

The villa, located closed to the seaside, was the starting point for an essential project to create a strong connection with the surrounding nature and a wider and more meaningful outer space.

The materials give a unique identity to the project. The floors are realized in recycled tech-wood and Orosei local stone, aiming to merge and create a stronger relationship between inner and outer spaces. The extension realized in the back side gives more space to the kitchen and to the service area, linking the partially underground space to the private garden, while the living room is extended to the terrace facing the beach and the sea.

The minimalistic accuracy of the realization reveals a project designed and built in every single aspect and detail.

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