Turin Service Road

Our vision for an alternative and creative use of a forgotten public space (controviali), was presented during the ROCK European Project and was selected, amongst other interesting projects and researches, as a case study for regeneration and urban identity.

Here you see just a small preview of an extensive urban research that our office is leading. Stay tuned for more.


You are from Turin if… you know how to use the controviali. They are part of the identity of proud Turin’s drivers. Service roads are heritage of the IX century extension of the city, thought as green promenades separated from traffic. What if they become a driving force to a new social and urban image?


Service roads are an heterogeneous system of 120 km of driving space. They are part of a public discussion as a tool to reduce traffic. Through our analysis we propose to re-think this system not only as an alternative mobility network but more as potential space to develop a new identity. This diffuse urban strategy has the potential to exploit a specific urban character at the scale of the whole city. At the same time it can strength social and local identities through site specific projects.

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