Program: Gym

Dimension: 500 sqm

Place: Turin, Italy

Year: 2018


Architecture: PlaC

Structural engineering : Ing. Tuninetti

Photos: Claudiu Asmarandei – llum collettivo

Type: Private

Status: Realised

Bujanen - Opificio dello sport

Bujanen in local dialect means “people who don’t move/act”. This is also the name our client gave to his new gym in the neighbourhood of Regio Parco, close to the former Manifattura Tabacchi factory. This was the starting point to reuse an old industrial building and to transform it into a gym with a very unique and strong industrial identity.


The main aim was to give a maximum flexibility to the space, leaving the main room open with different areas for the workouts. The main architectural device is a pivoting wall that provides a physical and acoustical division between the main room and the yoga and free-body class room. This element can be used on both sides and it supports mirrors and timer for classes. The main work in the entrance area are the welcoming wall and the info desk, both realized using a metal stud framing structure.


Considering the low budget available, the project has been realised using raw materials both as construction and finishing elements. Additional closure in existing walls are declared with lightweight concrete blocks; the pivoting wall and  false ceiling are realised with Celenit wooden acoustic panels; stud framing structure are used for the whole light system as support for led tubes.

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