Program:Office, leisure, culture, parking

Dimension: 26000 sqm

Place:Zagreb, Croatia

Year: 2012

Team: PlaC (Davide Barreri, Andrea Alessio, Ilaria Ariolfo) + Alessandro Bua

Type: Competition

Status: Third Prize

Badel Block Competition

Three basic elements form Badels ecology: the industrial archaeologies (i.e. old distillerys spaces), the residential blocks at the northern edge and the compounds of superfetations acting as interconnective tissue between the first two components. First and fundamental action of the Coexistence strategy is to recognize and exploit the potentials of such urban ecosystem. We measure the plots capacity not in terms of maximum square meters for consumers (as in the traditional sense of urban regeneration) but as optimization of the existing capacity (obtained through careful renovation of Badel assets) and a coordinated volumetric upgrade. Following the idea of equality (in terms of both potential users -for who- and percentage of ground surface per macro-strategy -how much-), the Coexistence acts along two parallel approaches: a top-down strategy and a bottom-up strategy that entangle the built environment from converging and complementary perspectives.

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